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Sad to hear that Stan Barstow has died.  Author of the brilliant "A Kind of Loving".  Brief obituary here.

Fantastic short film (10 mins) called "Young Souls" by Dean Chalkley in 125 Magazine here about Northern soul.  Don't know how long it will be up for.  Accompanying article too.  Brings back memories of the talc coming out in Night and Day one night some years ago!!!

I'm obsessed with lots of things........... the 60's, Dustbowl era America, New York etc etc.
A piece of history from the 60's I've recently been reading about is the Chicago 8.  Abbie Hoffman, Bobby Seale (founder of the black Panther movement) and Tom Hayden (one time husband of Jane Fonda) amongst it's members.  In fact there is a chapter in "Hope Dies Last" by Studs Terkel about by Tom Hayden).  Anyway, the story of the chicago 8 is fascinating.  There is tons of stuff on the internet, various books etc about it and a film from the 80's that is bizarrely not available on DVD.

Touching article about Gil Scott Heron here.  Another example (not that one is needed) of what a truly beautiful man he was.

Superb album called "The All Night Bedroom Revival" by Joey Kneiser available for free here.