The Turner

Richmond Fontaine       Great band, Great name!

The Go-Betweens         One of the best bands ever? Certainly the most underrated.

Elliott Smith                   Great Songwriter, sadly no longer here.

You Am I                      Another Aussie band, Tim Rogers solo stuff is worth checking out too.

The Kinks                     When people ask "The Beatles or the Stones?" I always reply... "err The Kinks"

Damien Jurado             Writes unbelievable songs with two or three chords

Paul Weller                     Incapable of playing a bad gig

Deep Soul Heaven!     Lots of good stuff here.

Roddy Frame                Another superb songwriter

Jesse Malin                   Just check him out, you will not be disappointed.

Mother Hips                   Tim Bluhm's band, again his solo stuff is awesome.

Richard Yates                Brilliantly dark portrayals of Suburban America, no happy endings either!!

Milan Kundera               Czech author, one of many that have written some of the best novels (in my opinion!)

Ivan Klima                    As above

Albert Camus                As above (but Algerian / French)

Small Faces                    And now for your delight...................

Bill Hicks                        We're just a virus with shoes!

Doug Stanhope                Go and see him live.

Americana Rock Mix     Great music played here.

The other Turner (the talented one!)     JMW Turner

Jail Guitar Doors    Jail Guitar Doors is an independent initiative which aims to provide instruments to those who are using                                 music as a means of achieving the rehabilitation of prison inmates. Founded by Billy Bragg.