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An Introduction

The Turner is the Manchester based singer/songwriter Gary Tomkinson and takes his name from the character in the Nicolas Roeg film "Performance".  Turner is the ex musician who has lost his "mojo" !

The new album Girls, Wives And Factory Lives was recorded in Manchester at Hope Studios (with Mike Harries) and at Moorfield Zoo (with James Youngjohns from Anna Kashfi who produced and mixed the album).

WORD Magazine said........"If we're going to have a New Great Depression we might as well get some decent art out of it.  This new album by Mancunian singer-songwriter Gary Tomkinson - AKA The Turner - is suffused with the hard-times vibes of Cathy Come Home and Friday Night, Saturday Morning but marries them to thoughtful country grooves"

Hope Dies Last was described by Penny Black as “an album that in all honesty really doesn’t have any low points….‘Hope Dies Last’ is in the top five albums I have heard this year without a doubt….’ it would be up there just for Tomkinson’s vocals and melodies”.

Americana UK stated it was “sensitive, intelligent and from the heart. A fine debut....feels like a real discovery that deserves attention”.

Just Like Starting Over

I'm kinda starting over with the website.  Well I'm gonna try and update it more than twice a year at least!!

August 2012

Had my first radio show last month on AmericanaRoots, outlaw radio and lifejive (both in Chicago).  You can listen to this as a podcast via itunes or the Americana Rock Mix website americanarockmix.com episode-148

I have been rehearsing with a violin player recently and hopefully will be doing some gigs together before the end of the year.


The track "Never Had It So Good" is featured on the July "Friends of Americana UK" CD.

"Kitchen Sink Drama" from the new album will be featured on the covermount CD on The Word Magazine (July 14th Issue).
Video on You Tube here

There are a few more songs on You tube as well

Crying In Your Sleep and The Executioner's Song

"Girls, Wives And Factory Lives" can now be purchased from Piccadilly records and KingBee records.

Very sad to hear about the death of Gil Scott Heron. What a great artist.  I have fond recollections of seeing him live at The Jazz Cafe and drunk one night in Halifax (him not me !!).

Whilst it is both frightening and in some way liberating to play in front of people completely alone (which I am still prepared to do). I would like to expand the live line up a little, hence I am looking for musicians, specifically a Cello player and Violinist but not limited to just that, so if anybody is interested in playing live please get in touch.

Girls, Wives and Factory Lives is out!  I will post up reviews and links as and when they come up.

itunes link here The Turner on itunes

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Also available via many other digital providers depending on where you are in the world.  I'm working on physical distribution !

You can listen to either of my albums for free on Spotify here

Hope Dies Last on Spotify

Girls,Wives and Factory Lives on Spotify

New album

After a long gestation period (due to weddings, house moves, having to work a shit job and a long recording process) the new album "Girls, Wives & Factory Lives" should be released by the end of March / beginning of April.
Produced by James Youngjohns from Anna Kashfi and featuring some co-writes with Sian Webley, also from Anna Kashfi.

Hopefully I will be playing some gigs in support of the new album.  If you would like to host a house gig just get in touch.

Here is the first track from the album.........

Never Had It So Good by TheTurner

Listen to more here

Advance copies of "Girls,Wives and Factory Lives" are available for£7+p&p
Copies of "Hope Dies Last" are available for £5+p&p
Or buy both for £10+p&p !!

Email Iamtheturner@hotmail.co.uk for details

Or buy a copy of Girls, Wives & Factory Lives and I will personally deliver it to your house as long as you agree to put on a house gig!

Buy "Hope Dies Last" at Piccadilly records


“an album that in all honesty really doesn’t have any low points… 'Hope Dies Last' is in the top five albums I have heard this year without a doubt… it would be up there just for Tomkinson’s vocals and melodies”.

Malcolm Carter, pennyblackmusic.co.uk

"Tomkinson reflects beautifully, he's an old fashioned romantic who comes across as sincere in the most cynical of ages"

4 stars

Richard Wink, godisinthetvzine.co.uk

"Sensitive, intelligent and from the heart. A fine debut… 'Hope Dies Last' feels like a real discovery that deserves attention"

Americana UK


August 2012

Ralph Ellison - Invisible Man
Jonathan Mahler - Ladies and Gentlemen the Bronx is Burning
The Replacements - All Shook Down
Mojave 3 - Ask Me Tomorrow

July 2011

Later Days - Mother Hips
Collected Memoirs - Julien Maclaren Ross
Joey Kneiser - The All Night Bedroom Revival
The Clergyman's Daughter - George Orwell
Two Gallants - The Throes

June 2011

Liam Dullaghan - Making History
The Kinks - Arthur or the decline and fall of the British Empire

May 2011

The Rakes - Klang
Richard Pryor - ...And it's deep too!
Pete Hamill - North River
Life at The Dakota - Stephen Birmingham

April 2011

Loads of Roy Harper on Vinyl !! (Thanks Steve)
Linda Bruner - Songs For A Friend

March 2011

Great lake Swimmers - Ongiara
Independence Day -     Richard Ford


e-mail The Turner at iamtheturner@hotmail.co.uk