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House gigs

Staying in is the new going out!

What is "Staying in is the new going out!"?

"Staying in is the new going out!" is a hybrid of a party and a gig, where the host is the hero or heroine, taking a leap of faith to make their home into a venue for the night, that is open and free to anyone, who comes with an open heart and a desire to listen to some live music from one or a few specially selected acts unplugged, in the middle of their party.

If you like the idea of a nice bunch of people getting together with some booze and watching a live set of unamplified and varied music from a small bill of excellent acts and then dancing the night away until the early hours....all for free as long as you bring love and your own booze.....then this night is for you.

The idea is that you invite all your friends who bring all the booze, chocolate, food, flowers and a good vibe / something special to make the night more magical etc and their respect for whose house it is.

If you would be interested in hosting such a night email me at